UN GLOBAL and Paihao Investment Immigration Consultant. Ltd Formally Signed a Contract to Jointly Build

時間: 2019-05-09 作者: UnWallet 出処: UnWallet タイプ: News

On May 2nd, the Cooperative Development Signing Ceremony of UN GLOBAL and Paihao Investment Immigration Consultant. Ltd was officially held in Santa Ana, Cagayan Special Economic Zone, Philippines. UN GLOBAL CEO Thomas Brian and Chairman of Paihao Investment, Mr. Li, signed a cooperation agreement concerning the Lal-lo Airport Expansion Project and the IBS Planet Project and laid the foundation for IBS Planet.

At this point, the world's first "digital assets free trade zone" IBS planet officially lands in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in the Philippines, which accelerates UN GLOBAL’s global layout implementation.

Grace B. Ruiz, head of the Santa Ana City Development Planning Center in Cagayan, Philippines, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech. She says that the government of Santa Ana is full of confidence in this cooperation, and she warmly welcomes the two businesses to jointly develop the IBS Planet Project in Santa Ana. The Special Economic Zone Government attaches great importance to the contribution of Paihao Investment Immigration Consultant. Ltd to the sustainable development of the Special Economic Zone and will provide comprehensive support for this project.

In recent years, the Philippine political situation has been stable, the society has prospered, and the economy has continued to develop actively. The Philippines has become one of the fastest growing economies in Asia, and the world. Cagayan has also developed a grand development plan dedicated to economic openness and development, and welcomes companies from all over the world to invest in Santa Ana with quality projects.

Mr. Li, Chairman of the Board of Paihao Investment Immigration Consultant. Ltd, delivered a speech. He thanked the local government and the people of the Philippines for their support. He is very optimistic about the cooperation with UN GLOBAL and believes that, with the joint efforts of both parties, a stable IBS planet and economic prosperity of Santa Ana will emerge. Over the years, Paihao has been committed to the investment and construction of Cagayan in the northeastern Philippines, which has greatly promoted the growth of the local economy and provided a large number of employment opportunities. It has been widely recognized and welcomed by local governments and the public in the Philippines. This will win government support for the advancement of the IBS project.

UN GLOBAL CEO Thomas Brian made a concluding remark. He thanked the Paihao Investment Immigration Consultant. Ltd and the Philippine government for their support to the IBS project. He says that the signing of the contract is an "unprecedented" and "exploiting the future" cooperation. With the efforts and cooperation of all parties, IBS Planet will surely succeed.

After the signing ceremony, the 2 parties drove to the "UN Global Harbor" and held the "Foundation Landing Ceremony of the IBS Planet Project". The groundbreaking ceremony was held at the core of the "IBS Planet Digital Assets Trade Zone": UN House. Within two years, a villa resort with 200 high-class villas, a comprehensive business district and Cagayan's largest gambling center will emerge.

“IBS Planet Cagayan Digital Assets Free Trade Zone” is the foundation of UN GLOBAL's global ecosystem. The IBS Planet Project will be an important milestone in the global layout of the IBS business system and a major move for the IBS business following the Dengfeng project, which will certainly drive UN GLOBAL to build a global digital asset business empire more quickly.

At present, the Cagayan Special Economic Zone government is building a series of commercial complexes that use foreign virtual cryptocurrencies for payment. After the completion of the IBS Planet Project, foreign-funded enterprises and commercial complexes in Santa Ana, Cagayan will support UC (Unwallet Foundation Commercial Tokens) payments and support UNTC investment and asset management, and UNTC users will hold a real-name share based on the number of UNTC in the IBS Planet Development Project. UNTC will create stable, long-term value for more than one million UN members worldwide.

In addition, the cooperation of the IBS Planet Pre-Project Nankai Resort has been completed. The completed resort will soon support UC payment. The Unwallet Foundation's Blockchain Technology Institute and Artificial Intelligence R&D Center will also be stationed on the land of IBS planet.