UNWALLET’s Rebrand: UN GLOBAL, A Strategic Global Repositioning

時間: 2019-05-09 作者: UnWallet 出処: UnWallet タイプ: News

In April, UN Foundation, the highest functional organization of UN, decided to rename UN to UN GLOBAL and developed a series of global strategic upgrade plans, which officially kicked off the global strategic upgrade of UN GLOBAL.

On May 2nd, the UNWALLET Foundation and the Paihao Investment Immigration Consultant Ltd of the Philippines held a signing ceremony for the joint development of the IBS Planet Project in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in the Philippines, and laid the foundation for the IBS Planet Project. Since IBS Planet is the foundation of the UN GLOBAL ecosystem, and has the strategic significance to the completion of UN ecosystem, the launch of the “IBS Planet Cagayan Digital Assets Free Trade Zone” triggered a comprehensive upgrade of UN GLOBAL's global strategy.




UN's vision is to “build the world's most valuable blockchain innovation application platform.” Since November 2018, UNWALLET has been carefully operated for 5 months, and the user scale has reached 1.2 million. However, UN's goal is not just a digital wallet. Its vast, all-encompassing digital currency application ecosystem and innovative applications that have been iteratively developed have made it beyond the digital world. In fact, IBS Planet is the latest application platform whereby the digital world and the physical world are integrated with each other. With the landing of more UN ecosystem projects, the definition and pattern of a digital asset wallet can no longer carry the UN ecological platform. UNWALLET’s rebrand to UN GLOBAL is a repositioning necessary for the future.


2. IBS Planet: the World's First Digital Asset Free Trade Zone


UN GLOBAL signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the local Philippine business, Paihao Investment Immigration Consultant Ltd, and cooperated with the local government to jointly invest in the development of the UN all-industry ecosystem, including the investment and construction of projects under IBS Planet with UNTC as the token, the construction of recreation sites that support UC as circulating currency, and UN's naming rights to all physical entities within IBS Planet. In addition, it also includes research and development cooperation on blockchain technology and application models.


According to the current progress, the first phase of the “IBS Planet Cagayan Digital Assets Free Trade Zone” will be completed by the end of 2019, and the second phase will be carried out in 2020. The entire project is expected to be completed in 2021. The projects that have been completed will be put into operation accordingly.

IBS Planet will assume the responsibility of applying blockchain technology and digital assets to all aspects of life, creating the world's first digital assets free trade zone, providing physical assurance for the UNTC assets held by UN users, permanently maintaining or even adding value, and the shares of IBS Planet Investment will be allocated according to UNTC holdings and IBS Business System Level and Contribution Level, making UN users truly the masters of IBS Planet.


3. UNTC Public Chain and Output Reduction Plan


With the landing of the IBS Planet and other applications, UNTC's value blockchain and STO token properties are gradually emerging, and the construction of the UNTC public chain will be advanced to the third quarter of 2019. In addition, the circulation of UNTC will be reduced from 1 billion to 100 million. The construction of the public chain makes UNTC more open, transparent and inclusive, whilst reducing the circulation further increases the value of UNTC. The future value criteria will be like the bitcoin. At the same time, UNTC's issuance mechanism will be adjusted accordingly, tilting towards the IBS business system and encouraging UN users to contribute to the business system.


4. IBS Online Mall and Merchants Association


In line with the upgrade of the IBS commercial system, UN GLOBAL will continue to promote the construction of the IBS Online Mall, and realize the online digital currency shopping while holding the IBS Planet as the UN base. UN GLOBAL will begin to build the "Alpha" Integrity Points System. Similar to Amazon's and Alibaba's user credit scores, the "Alpha" Integrity Credit System will assess the user's stickiness to the platform and the integrity of the business to create an honest, transparent and secure business environment. The future IBS online and offline malls will complement the UN business empire from four dimensions: product, service, technology and market.


5. UN Matrix Exchange


As an important step in the future development strategy, UN GLOBAL will establish its own exchange, and share the value of the UNTC with global users through the exchange platform. The UN Matrix Exchange is expected to go live in the first quarter of 2020, with value-based sources, no bubble, and a true value blockchain.


6. Global Roadshows and Advertisement, Strengthening Brand Endorsements


In the future, UN GLOBAL will actively participate in the world's top summit roadshows, strengthen the promotion and brand endorsement of UN GLOBAL and IBS Planet to accelerate the global value consensus. With the comprehensive improvement of safety and the completion of technical route planning and reserve, the development of UN GLOBAL needs to gradually transition from the market cultivation period into the rapid growth period, which requires roadshows and advertisements on a global scale. This will enhance UN GLOBAL's global reach and brand recognition.


Through this round of global comprehensive strategic upgrade, UN will realize the strategic deployment of globalization, systemization and value more quickly, and finally create “the world's most valuable blockchain innovation application platform” to create a valuable "digital paradise" that is closely integrated with the real world for global UN users.