BaiHao Holding Group Cooperates with UNwallet Foundation in Philippines Cagayan Valley Special Economic Zone ,Plan to Develop IBS Planet Project

時間: 2019-05-09 作者: UnWallet 出処: UnWallet タイプ: News

According to the latest news,Cagayan Valley Special Economic Zone  which located on the north of Philippines permits to build cryptocurrency foundation from foreign countries.BaiHao holding group will cooperate with UNwallet foundation to build a new project named "IBS planet " on Saint Ana valley .


Located at the northern tip of the Philippines, close to China, Indonesia and Malaysia, Cagayan Valley  special economic zone is a key economic zone supported by the Philippine government. The zone is dedicated to linking the high-quality resources of China, Indonesia and Malaysia to create a globalized free trade zone. Located in the northernmost part of Cagayan Valley  province, Santa Ana valley is rich in tourism resources. The UNwallet foundation chose to set up the IBS planet project here.


In addition, the special zone government attaches great importance to the contribution of BaiHao holding group to the sustainable development of the special economic zone and will give all-round support to this project.


At present, the special economic zone government of Cagayan Valley  province is building a series of commercial complexes based on foreign investment and virtual cryptocurrency payment. Upon the completion of the IBS planet project, foreign businesses and commercial complexes in the Santa Ana Valleys will support UC pay (UNwallet foundation commercial tokens) and support UNTC equity token investments and asset management, which will create stable returns for UNTC users. UNTC users will have a real-name stock in the IBS planet development project based on the number of UNTC.

The cooperation of NanKai resort, a preliminary project of IBS, has been completed and the resort is about to support UC payment. In addition, the UNwallet foundation's blockchain technology research institute and artificial intelligence research and development center will also be located on the IBS planet.


The two sides will hold a signing ceremony in the Philippines in April. Senior officials from both sides will be on hand to sign the landmark strategic cooperation agreement.